Winter Storm Warnings for Dallas

Today was a busy day trying to get a few remaining repairs done before the hard freeze hits tomorrow morning. They are predicting that the roads will be a mess fairly early so our ability to dispatch during the day will be pretty minimal. If you do find yourself with freezing equipment, the best thing to do is get it running and keep it running for the duration of the freeze event.
If you are unable to get your equipment running due to no electricity or the pipes have already started to freeze, your second best option is to turn power off to the equipment and winterize it as best you can. To winterize pumps, look for a drain plug on the pump and the pump basket and remove them. There will be usually be 2 drain plugs total for each pump with a basket on it, and 1 for booster pumps. Take the lid of the pump basket, remove the drain plug from the bottom of the filter, remove drain plugs from the heater heat exchanger (one on both ends usually). Any plumbing unions can be opened up as well. Basically, you are trying to remove water from anywhere it can be caught, and make room for any remaining water to expand as it freezes.
Do all that and hope for the best. Don’t assume the worst. I’ve seen equipment freeze solid, and be fine once it thaws. If you have freeze damage that we can repair for you, you can reach us at 214-989-3888. We’d be happy to come take a look and discuss your options for repairing and hopefully preventing similar damage in the future.

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