Sawcut cantilver deck and replace with Oklahoma Flagstone

One way for customers to update the look of their pools and backyard without spending a

Before Picture.

fortune is to replace cantilever decks with flagstone coping. Cantilever decks were popular years ago, but almost all pools being built these days have true stone or brick coping. Coping is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also reduces the chance of having shifting soil around the pool area result in sections of tile cracking or coming all the way off the tile line. The break between the deck and the coping stones allows the ground to move a bit without damaging the tile.

On this job, the first step is to saw cut the first 12″ of the deck away and remove that section of decking to make room for the coping stone to come.  Once the deck around the pool is removed, we sawcut under the tile and remove the tile.  The saw cut under the tile is to avoid damage to the plaster as the tile is removed.


The mortar bed for the tile is rebuilt and repaired where necessary and the tile installed.  The coping stones are selected by the mason for best fit and cut and shaped as needed.  In the picture to the left, all the tile has been installed and most of the coping stones have been test fitted and removed in preparation for final fitting and leveling in a mortar bed.  In the picture to the right, the next day, most of the coping has now been set and only the spa work remains.

Finally the final stone work on the spa is completed and the pool begins to fill.  This project took about 5 days total.  We needed to use a little bit thicker  stone (2.5″) due to the thickness of the deck and the angle to the tile line.  We still need to followup when the pool fills the rest of the  way to balance chemicals and I’ll take some final pictures to share then.

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