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We’ve finally started to settle down from the busy real estate season so I thought I would share a recent inspection report.  We charge $125 to perform a pool inspection and that includes visual inspection and condition report for the pool and all associated equipment.  We know pools and can verify that all plumbing, equipment, computers, valves (including automatic) are working properly.

We test all the normal parameters of water chemistry and apply our experience to tell you how it most likely got that way, and how to fix it if necessary.  Although water chemistry can sometimes indicate a leak, we do not include a leak detection in the inspection, though we can arrange for one for you if necessary.  We can dye test suspected cracks within arms length of the water’s edge.

All deficiencies that we note come with an estimate of the cost to repair or replace, and a suggestion of which one makes more sense.  You can then take our honest assessment and figure out what makes the most sense for you.

At the equipment, we move all diverter valves, test the heater, blower, pumps, chillers, etc.  We do not disturb the backwash valve because if it’s been awhile since it’s been used it’s often difficult to get them back into position where they won’t leak.  We do ascertain if the backwash valve is leaking.  We also check that we are getting good flow from all of the suction lines.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for your own pool inspection, please call me at 214-989-3888.

David Leach

North Texas Pool Inspection Bierstadt Dr Plano for publication

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